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Summer Student

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we will not be offering our Summer Student Partnership in 2021. Please visit this page in February 2022 for the Summer 2022 positions.


The following job description is for general information only and is subject to change. Please do not contact our office by telephone or email for information!

Position: Inclusive Recreation Assistant (Summer Student)

Job Description:
Students will assist children with a disability up to the age of 12 years to participate in inclusive summer camps. Students will assist youth with a disability from 13 to 20 years to participate in inclusive volunteer or paid roles and/or structured learning opportunities.

Students to work closely with Extend-A-Family staff. Students will support different individuals, working with several families, in a variety of inclusive activities and settings.

Orientation and training will be provided.

Students must have a current Vulnerable Sector Police Reference Check, within the past 6 months in order to work with children and vulnerable persons.

Students are also required to have a current Standard First Aid and CPR ‘C’ certification before the start of work. Families and Coordinators work in conjunction with the Summer Student to develop an individualised plan, prior to their work with each young person. The plan includes goals, expectations and specific activities.

For camp placements, students will be responsible for facilitating each child’s participation, taking into consideration
their interests, talents and needs. This may involve working with camp staff to adapt or develop alternate camp activities.

For community placements, students will support youth to participate in community activities, volunteer and/or job opportunities and explore further opportunities.

At all times, students must be aware of and act upon opportunities to facilitate meaningful relationships between the person with a disability, and others they meet. They must adhere to the Extend-A-Family Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct to protect children, policies and values, and use good judgement when considering the safety, emotional and physical needs of the individuals they support. Students may be asked to perform other duties as needed. Students will be expected to communicate with families and Extend-A-Family staff on a regular basis. They are to complete and submit weekly reports describing their work with each individual, potential connections, and address any concerns or serious occurrences.

Extend-A-Family adheres to principles and practices which facilitate the building of meaningful relationships in individuals’ lives. Students are responsible for encouraging and supporting the core components of inclusion for an individual in both community and camp settings.