Due to COVID-19 pandemic we will not be offering our Summer Student Partnership in 2022​

Summer Support Partnership This program  is only offered to families working year-round in partnership with Extend-A-Family to build meaningful relationships for their daughter or son. Each summer, Extend-A-Family supports opportunities for children and youth who have a disability, to participate fully in the community, with the aim of developing meaningful relationships.  During the summer we hire up to 10 university students to support individuals in camp or community.  Individuals are offered 1–2 weeks of support subject to availability. The purpose of our Summer Support Partnership  is to provide support for: Children (ages 12 and under) to attend an integrated community recreation program or day camp. Youth (ages 13 to 20) to participate in integrated community recreation and planned activities such as volunteering. If you wish your son/daughter to be considered for summer support from Extend-A-Family this summer, please speak directly to your family coordinator.  They will explain the process, responsibilities and expectations etc.  The application process begins in February, so it’s best to apply early to avoid disappointment. Please Note!  This program is subject to annual funding from Service Canada.