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Coordinator / Community Facilitator


Reports to: Executive Director


Position Summary

Extend-A-Family's work is primarily in community supporting individuals who have a developmental disability. 
The purpose is to bring people together by encouraging and facilitating friendships. We believe that all people belong and have the right to participate in the community. We foster public awareness of the gifts and contributions of people with disabilities 

The primary responsibility of the Coordinator is to increase community participation and support relationship building opportunities for children and youth with disabilities.  Coordinators must be willing to work flexible hours, evenings and weekends, and will adhere to the code of ethics and policies of Extend-A-Family. 



  • Belief in community inclusion. 

  • Combination of related education, professional and personal life experience relevant to the position.  

  • Experience in group facilitation. 

  • Ability to work independently. 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including computer literacy.  

  • Demonstration of leadership, problem solving and organizational skills.  

  • Proven experience in networking & relationship building, outreach & community development.  

  • Team player. 

  • Ability to work flexible hours (minimum 25 per week). 

  • Valid driver's license and access to a reliable vehicle.  

  • Holds COVID-19 Vaccine Passport with QR code. 


Responsibilities:  PROGRAM

  • Work in partnership with families, community members and educators to increase community participation & facilitate relationships for children and youth with disabilities.  

  • Assist families in accessing appropriate community resources and supports including educational.  

  • Facilitate groups and networks including friendship circles. 

  • Assist individuals and families to develop support circles.  

  • Foster public awareness of the gifts & contributions that people with disabilities bring to community.  

  • Create opportunities for full citizenship. 

  • Recruitment of families, hosts and volunteers. 

  • Maintain contact with up to twenty-four families who have requested assistance in developing a relationship plan for an individual. 

  • Meet with the individual, in conjunction with family to discuss strategies for relationship building and community inclusion. 

  • Develop a relationship plan with the individual and family. 

  • Explore existing networks: extended family, neighbourhood, community groups, schools. 

  • Screen potential hosts through interviews, references and police checks. 

  • Arrange and facilitate appropriate meetings for individual, parents, hosts and / or community groups. 

  • Explore, nurture and support the development of mutually satisfying relationships in spaces where the individual is a participant. 

  • Support hosts and community groups through frequent phone calls and / or meetings where developments and concerns are discussed. 

  • Update and maintain ongoing family files, ensuring confidentiality. 

  • Communicate virtually, in person and through emails/letters with families, schools, community representative with regards to advocacy, requests for support and follow-ups. 


Responsibilities:  GENERAL 

  • To adhere to the Code of Ethics of Extend-A-Family. 

  • Adhere to the organizational policies and procedures. 

  • Attend staff, family and community meetings. 

  • Partake of professional development opportunities. 

  • Prepare time and activity logs, expense logs (with receipts) and submit by deadline. 

  • Prepare quarterly number submission reports and submit by deadline. 

  • Be an active member of committees, as mutually determined with ED. 

  • Attend organizational events such as Annual General Meeting and Celebrations Through Journeys. 

  • Promote public awareness of the work and philosophy of Extend-A-Family. 

  • Raise awareness of the gifts and contributions that individuals with disabilities bring to the community. 

  • Advocate for the right to a full life in the community. 

  • Coordinate presentations for schools and community groups. 

  • Be a resource for families, agencies and other community members/groups. 

  • Maintain a positive, respectful and professional relationship with families, community members, Extend-A-Family staff, and community agencies. 

  • Other duties as assigned.