Cate Downey, Office Manager 

Cate is the Office Manager and has worked for Extend-A-Family since 1996.  Also, she is the daughter of founding parents, and a member of the Adult Sibling Group since its inception in 2010.  Being a sibling, Cate has shared her experience and has had connections with NABORS, two housing co-operative boards, written articles, and has been an advocate both for her family and for her community.  She lives very happily in Hamilton with her husband and children.

Ruth Fernandes, Executive Director 

Ruth got to know about Extend-A-Family several years ago at a Parent night. She was touched with the stories about friendship and inclusion that families and hosts shared. She and her own family were excited to be a host family and they learned about the value of participation in neighborhood and community. Her birth family has shaped her interest in issues of social justice as well as the joys of belonging to a faith community. Ruth has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from India. Her work in the area of adoption brought her close to seeing the joys and struggles that adoptive families experience in building relationships. She has been a Coordinator with Extend-A-Family for 19 years and more recently took on the role of Executive Director. The values of inclusion and belonging shape her vision for Extend-A-Family. She enjoys music and staying active.

Kim Southern- Paulsen, Coordinator 

Kim has filled the role of Extend-A-Family coordinator since 2007. During her time at Extend-A-Family her learning has never stopped. She has been privileged to learn from the many children and youth she walks alongside and their families. Kim discovered a passion for inclusive education and communities partially because of the learning at Extend-A-Family, mostly due to her personal life journey. Kim has participated on school board advisory committees, formerly on the board of directors for Integration Action for Inclusion and currently participates on Community Living Ontario Family Engagement Steering Committee. When Kim is not working or learning about principled approaches to community inclusion, she would be with her family, or taking in nature.

Marissa Wolicki, Coordinator 

Marissa completed a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. Marissa is committed to working collaboratively and compassionately with families. Further, she is dedicated to creating inclusive environments for the families that she works with, while connecting and educating those about inclusive practices. She is passionate about ongoing learning and creating a reflective, collaborative approach to her work. She hopes that she provides a welcoming environment where families feel heard, understood, and empowered.

Ahmad Jabbir, Coordinator 

Ahmad has completed his Bachelors in Psychology at York University and has over 6 years experience working with youth in charities in a variety of capacities.  He has done this through facilitating and speaking at events in Public Schools, developing and revising program curriculums, and working on the organizational development of these charities.  

Ahmad is passionate about making an impact to the next generation of youth, and believes that not only does everyone have an opportunity to belong but also that everyone has an opportunity to make an impact on their community.   He first was introduced to Extend-A-Family though the Adult Sibling Group in 2014 and has been an employee since 2018.  Ahmad’s vision and values greatly align with his role as a Coordinator at Extend-A-Family.

Anne Murray, Coordinator

Anne completed her Bachelor of Nursing Science as a Registered Nurse and Masters of Adult Education. Working and studying in India, Scotland and Canada in Community Health Nursing, has enhanced her passion about building connections, creating safe, healthy and valued roles in communities, and personal learning through cultural diversity. 

She is involved with families in the community who have children with developmental disabilities, with the goal to build inclusive communities and embrace the strength of diversity.  As a life time learner, she values and appreciates the openness of families and individuals as they courageously express themselves with their life stories. 

With families, educators and youth, Anne facilitates ways to recognize, reduce and develop strategies for managing the stressors in their lives to build resiliency.  She is collaborative, compassionate and believes that deep listening supports individuals to discover their own problem solving. She shares her passion for improving the mental health of children and youth faced with the challenges of living in a fast paced, highly technical world, with changing family dynamics.  Her learning has been enhanced with parenting three children and being actively involved in community life.

Alyssa Marshall, Coordinator

Alyssa has been a Coordinator and Safe and Secure Futures - West Facilitator at Extend-A-Family since March 2019. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology as well as a diploma in Child and Youth Care. She has been supporting individuals with a wide range of abilities for the past 10 years in variety of capacities. Alyssa is passionate about inclusion, promoting and fostering independence and enhancing the lives of those she supports.  Alyssa strives to create a positive and safe place for young people to engage, belong and grow. She is truly inspired by the resiliency of the families and young people she supports, along with the many gifts they bring into their communities. She enjoy being surrounded by friends, family and fur friends.

Salvatore Rocchese, Coordinator

Salvatore graduated with honors from George Brown college through the Community Worker program. He has been an active advocate for vulnerable individuals and believes that no one should be left out and totally included. Salvatore truly believes in social justice and building safe communities.  Salvatore has a passion for facilitating groups and fostering relationships. He believes that there are social opportunities out there, all you need is an open mind and believe in the human spirit. Salvatore has been with Extend-A-Family since September 2002, through his work, he has been blessed in working with families side by side and creating social opportunities that would enrich their lives.  Salvatore has been blessed to have the opportunity to work at an organization that allows him to utilize his skills and strengthen his belief in acceptance and self-worth.  Salvatore loves long walks, spending time with family and friends, travelling and cherishes life to the fullest.

Kristen Carhart, Coordinator

Kristen has been a Coordinator and Safe and Secure Futures-East Facilitator since 2016. Kristen holds a Social Service Worker diploma and several post-graduate certificates. Her professional background has been in Social services and Case management. She has been providing advocacy, facilitation, and assistance navigating services and supports for the past 16 years. She has had the honor of walking alongside many inspirational and resilient individuals, who have shaped her core belief in belonging, acceptance, and inclusion. She is a seeker of information, loves art and creating, and strongly believes that diversity and differences strengthen our communities. When she is not working you can find her exploring nature with her partner and daughter.

Rachael Wallace

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University and a Developmental Services Worker Diploma from Centennial College. She believes that every individual has the right to a complete and fulfilling education, to be fully immersed within their communities and to develop natural, meaningful connections with others throughout their lives. Working in support of people living with vulnerabilities holds special meaning for Rachael, as her aunt lives with multiple diagnoses that have greatly impacted her life. Rachael is committed to ongoing learning and a reflective, collaborative approach to her work. She is motivated by the gifts of the young people she supports as they positively contribute to the overall life of their communities.



Jennifer Wilson, Director

Works in the non-profit sector with over a decade of experience in organizations focusing on disability service, health promotion, youth leadership and inclusive recreation; specializing in project management, development, organizational leadership. She has a BA in Disability Studies with a Minor in Organizational Leadership as well as a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management and currently works as the Director of Development at L’Arche Toronto. Serving the Board since 2013.

Filomena Nait, Vice-Chair

Parent of a child with developmental disability. Worked in a leadership role for a large national retailer for over 22 years, monitoring and improving team performance. Served as a member on the Parent Council Committee at her son’s school for several years and advocating for inclusion. Serving the Board since 2013.

Mohamed Abu Shaaban, Board Treasurer

Mohamed works as a Manager at Ernst & Young (EY) with specialization in assurance over Banking & Capital Markets clients. He has a passion to give back to the community and fell in love with Extend-A-Family’s visions and goals to create an inclusive community and build relationships across members. Serving the board since January 2020.

Christine LeClair, Secretary

Mother of a son with a developmental disability; long-time member of another organization serving people with disabilities. Serving the Board since 2003.

Tricia Klunder, Member

Mother of a teenage son with Autism. In Fall of 2016, reached out to Extend-A-Family when feeling a little lost during my son’s transition into High School. The support and community of Extend-A-Family has been an absolute blessing for myself and my family! There is nothing I would like more than to give back in any way that I can. Spent much of my career as a Corporate Recruiter. Part of that role is working closely with the leadership team to advance inclusive and diverse hiring practices. I also enjoy running, bicycling, good coffee, good booksand time with family and friends. Serving the Board since 2017.

Nawin Mutti, Member

Working in the hospitality industry (hotels). I have been a part of Extend-A-Family for most of my life as I have a developmental disability myself. I am committed to the idea of inclusion for the betterment of our community. I have done workshops and training on inclusion since high school. In addition, I have been giving speeches on the strengths of differently abled people since 2015. Serving the Board since 2018.

Ling Chung, Member

Ling Chung has over 14 years of progressive experience within consumer packaged goods companies. She began her career at Pepsi and is currently a Brand Marketing professional at Unilever. Ling’s experience spans from sales planning, marketing analytics to brand management. Professionally, Ling is a multiple-time award-winner across four different functions. Ling is also an avid volunteer with substantial community organizing experience. She is a founding member of Power Unit Youth Organization, a grassroot non-profit organization dedicated to youth development. Ling currently sits on the Board of FoodShare Toronto, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing food justice. Ling is an advocate of community organizers balancing planning meetings with hands-on, front-line participation. For the last 20 years, Ling has volunteered with Extend-A-Family as a host. Ling is passionate about social justice, community engagement and health & fitness. Ling holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business specializing in Marketing.