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Holding Hands

Sexuality and Healthy Relationships

Extend-A-Family offers a Sexuality Workshop with a focus on healthy relationships twice a year.

Sexuality Workshop Series

The workshops are geared towards children/youth with developmental disabilities from 11 to 15 years of age.  It is a five-week group session, offered once each week, that is designed to provide parents and their children with practical learning opportunities.  Included in the workshop are discussions about feelings, relationships and sexuality.  Families will have an opportunity to talk about this important subject as well as network with other families who are interested in supporting their children in this important aspect of learning.

Please note: each young person attending the workshop MUST be accompanied by a family member who can help reinforce the information at home.


Please click here to see a brief summary of topics  being covered in this workshop.

Future Dates to be determined.

Location: Will be determined closer to the date based on Public Health guidelines and the needs of participants.


If you have questions about this workshop series, please contact Kristen Carhart at 647.292.5175 or


Occasionally, we conduct a “Sexuality Information Night” for families who may be interested.  For further information about possible future meetings, please contact the office at 416.484.1317 or

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