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Supporting the inclusion of all students in a common learning environment in their community or neighbourhood school with their peers

  • National Inclusive Education Month initiatives, Inclusive Education Canada

As part of their February 2018 – National Inclusive Education Month initiatives, Inclusive Education Canada has solicited and posted more than 20 commentaries from parents, teachers, school leaders, lawyers, agency leaders as well as researchers and academics. The commentaries have been posted during February with a few continuing into March.
You are invited you to read the commentaries – you can find them in the Inclusive Education Canada website at http://inclusiveeducation.caThe commentaries present a real cross section of perspectives on inclusive education – mostly in Canada (a few from abroad) – and we want them to be read by as many interested people as possible.

Differentiated instruction, Literacy and Inclusive Schooling

Five Moore Minutes is a website with videos dedicated to empowering schools and classrooms to support ALL Learners.

Hosted by Norman Kunc, this 25 minute video includes discussions with educators, advocate and parents to explore the benefits, common questions on the topic of inclusive education, and summarizes the benefits of inclusive education for all.​

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