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What is

Extend-A-Family works in community to facilitate building of relationships between individuals who have developmental disabilities and other members of the community.  We believe that all people belong and that our community is stronger when all members are included.  We foster public awareness of the gifts and contributions of people with developmental disabilities.

Extend-A-Family is a not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parents of children with developmental disabilities, self advocates and community members.  Extend-A-Family is financially supported by the Ontario Ministry of Children Community and Social Services (MCCSS), The City of Toronto Community Service Partnerships Program and other donors.

The core work of Extend-A-Family is about relationship.  Our relationships keep us safe and bring meaning and a sense of belonging into our lives.  Through relationship we give deeply of ourselves; however, most people with disabilities have fewer relationships in their lives. This is a loss to both the person with a disability and a community who has not come to know the individual’s gifts and contributions.  Extend-A-Family Coordinators step in to introduce people to each other who might not otherwise meet.  They base their introduction on shared interests and common goals. They understand and believe that each person will benefit from the relationship.

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