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Safe & Secure Futures Networks

Safe & Secure Futures Networks, (facilitated by Extend-A-Family), aim to empower families to develop and nurture a support circle with their family member who has a disability.  A support circle is a group of people, primarily family and friends, who are invited to come together regularly, listen to hopes and dreams, consider possibilities, and plan with the individual.  Circle members are intent on supporting the person to have choice and control in their life and to experience a variety of meaningful relationships, participating in and contributing to community life.

Safe and Secure Futures Networks offer opportunities to share and learn from each other.  A variety of topics of mutual interest may be explored through guided discussions with a facilitator, such as: transition planning, Person Centered/Directed Planning, individualized supports, creating the right place to live, financial and estate planning. Resource parents and community members may be invited to share their experience and expertise.

You are invited to join one of the networks listed below.  For further information and/or to register for one of the Networks, please contact the Network Facilitator (given below) in the Region where it is most convenient for you to attend meetings. The meetings are monthly, September through to June.  Please RSVP for monthly sessions so notice can be given for unavoidable cancellations.

Funding for Safe & Secure Futures Networks is made possible through a City of Toronto Community Services Grant.


For further information please click here.
If you would like additional information, you may contact:
Nusrat Motala (Facilitator): Email: [email protected] or call 437.335.2180


For further information please click here.
If you would like additional information, you may contact:
Kristen Carhart (Facilitator): Email: [email protected] or call 647.292.5175

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