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Mother and Son
By Hannah

We always believe that Tristan is a gift. Everyone is created in a different way with his or her uniqueness. Tristan’s challenges are part of who he is and should not be deemed as any form of negativity. Having that in mind, my husband and I wanted Tristan to been seen, got used to, understood, accepted and appreciated.

The first step to achieve such a goal was to send him to our neighbourhood school, in a regular classroom. The journey has never been easy. Educators have different agendas, and some of them genuinely believed a segregated special ed setting would be a better option. Therefore, while holding on to what we believe in, we had to educate them in what is right for Tristan.

Meanwhile, we have been doing our part to show our willingness to cooperate with school and demonstrate what a blessing to have Tristan in the school and class. We have been doing a variety of volunteer work in class, running the school council, and raising money for the school. We have been facilitating two parents’ social media groups to broadcast school events and to build a strong community. We are well-known because of Tristan and our contribution to our school and community.
We no longer need to advocate for Tristan, and the best support is provided to him.

Thanks to Tristan. He is truly a blessing.

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