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MY Family's Journey
By Naiomy

Prior to being involved with Extend-A-Family, we were happy to go through school and community life thinking that our twin boys won’t be a part as they were in a segregated school and not involved in their community.

After support from our coordinators, attending workshops and meeting other parents, we have taken a bold step to ensure that our boys not only belong in the school and community but are included and are contributing. By taking a step of faith by putting them in their home school, in the regular class, we see marvellous changes in our children and how they are loved and accepted. Friendship circles have given our children the opportunity to explore friendship in and outside of the classroom. Coordinators have supported us with camp supports.

As a mother, connecting with other parents on similar life journeys to build a good life for our children gives me so much hope for the future.  Our sons are now 16 years old (2024) and strongly rooted in school and in their neighbourhoods and they are not only part of their community but also great contributors in showing their participation and inclusion.  We have been with Extend-A-Family now for more than ten years and it has changed our family, our values and given us strength.

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